Lilac Hair, La Riche Directions and BLEACH London Violet Skies

So I decided my hair was now blonde enough to achieve a lilac pastel colour, a colour which I’ve been wanting for AGES.  Ideally your hair needs to be bleached and an almost white blonde. To get rid of brassy tones, I use Fudge Violet shampoo. This is great at toning hair and you can notice a real difference from the first use!

Anyway, back to the lilac hair; I already had the La Riche Directions in Lilac at home but I thought that may be too much of a dark purple so I went out and bought BLEACH London Violet Skies. 


I added a lot of white conditioner to the Violet Skies hair dye (in fact probably too much!) and applied to towel dried, damp, hair for over an hour. I think covered my hair in cling film and used my hair dryer to apply head to my hair. Once the dye was washed out my hair ended up being a very faint purple which I didn’t feel was noticeable enough. (Sorry I don’t have a picture of this stage). If I hadn’t added so much conditioner then I’m sure this dye would have been really beautiful and the tone of the colour was a really nice purpley/pink. But at least I know for next time!

So, in a panic I used the La Riche Directions and, again, added white conditioner, until it mixed to a nice lilac pastel colour, as I know La Riche Directions dyes are a bit brighter and stronger than the BLEACH London range.

After leaving the dye on for half an hour (rather than the recommended 15 minutes), I didn’t bother with the cling film, hair dryer part this time, I washed it all out and dried my hair and was so happy with the results:


This was the day after dying my hair, I was really happy with the colour achieved. This dye really isn’t damaging, especially if you are adding some conditioner.

Since then I have washed my hair about 3/4 times and it is slowly fading but even faded it is a lovely colour:

10628392_10155692666910389_8866495026684757735_n 11110882_10155692666215389_9093074644632461966_n


Once the colour has faded, I’m looking forward to trying a silvery colour!


2 thoughts on “Lilac Hair, La Riche Directions and BLEACH London Violet Skies

  1. Looks beautiful!! I’m also going to try this color, I don’t want to bleach my hair though, so fingers crossed it will show up anyway.. My hair is currently golden brown 🙂

    Hope it turns out as gorgeous as your hair 😀


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